Happy Hippos

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Sharing this pink and green summer outfit with you ladies! Let’s get down to business.

The Top: I’m styling the Devon Strappy Cami from my June Favorites post for y’all- remember how I said I purchased it in two colors? Here is the pink version! I love this muted shade of pink because it matches so much of my Lilly Pulitzer collection. The criss-cross straps are very on-trend right now, and although it took me awhile to finally try them out (I lean more towards classic, timeless styles) I’m glad I did! This little top is made from 100% cotton and is super soft and breathable for hot summer days. It was over 100 degrees outside when these photos were taken!

The Skort: This skort has become one of my very favorite Lilly Pulitzer pieces. Now honestly, when I first saw it, I almost left it behind. I’m so glad I didn’t! I love spending my weekends browsing thrift stores for older and rare pieces to add to my closet, which is how I acquired this Lilly Pulitzer skort in the print Beach Bums, from the 2006 summer collection. Can y’all imagine that I was 10 years old when this skort was released in stores? I think my favorite part about older Lilly Pulitzer prints is the detail that went into each one. I still love the newer, more abstract prints, but the little smiling hippos in this print really get me- how hilarious are they. My favorite Lilly Pulitzer prints have always been the ones where you can easily identify what is in the print- whether it be zoo animals, sea creatures, flowers or boats. The pink and white daisy trim along the sides add that extra special touch that screams “Lilly!” Why don’t more brands make skorts and dresses with pretty trims?

The Bag: This purse is my newest edition to my Tory Burch collection. It is the smaller size of the Parker Tote from the Tory Burch Spring 2017 collection. I purchased this one in May, right at the end of my junior year of college as a reward to myself for surviving another year. Anyways, I know y’all have seen this bag in a lot of my Instagram posts. This bag is made from Saffiano leather, which is made by coating high-quality leather with a wax or resin and then pressing a cross hatch print into it. This makes the bag semi-water proof and very easy to clean. The technique was originally created in Italy and patented by Prada, invented by Mario Prada himself. I personally love Saffiano leather because of its durable qualities. I feel more comfortable knowing that my everyday bag can experience spills and lipstick smudges that can easily be cleaned when I get home. Aside from that, the bag is a gorgeous ivory color that goes with all my bright summer outfits and fits my 13in MacBook. Unfortunately, this color is now sold out, but the bag can still be purchased in an array of other vibrant colors including new additions such as a gorgeous maroon called ‘deep garnet’ and blush pink called ‘pink quartz.

That concludes my rundown of this outfit. As always thank you ladies for reading!


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